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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  June 11, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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"right this minute." cries are heard coming from a bag on the side of the road. >> two babies. >> it is a little baby. it's a newborn. >> the good samaritans who fought there just in time. >> i can't imagine what goes through somebody's head. >> it's a crazy competition. >> it looks like it would break every bone in my body. >> the insanity that is sky ladder. little mason's chilling out. >> cool little summer shade. >> find out the surprise that brings out the waterworks. >> and -- ♪ >> she may only be 12 years old, but she's going to be a star.
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>> this internet sensation singing the hits, sure to have one of her own soon. >> she is good! >> this is something you'd see on the side of the road anywhere, somebody dropped a bag. it was the sound of what's inside that got the attention of passersby. >> holy cow! >> yeah! i was expecting kittens. >> me, too. >> a baby. >> it is a little baby. it's a newborn. it's only in there with a blanket. >> once they realized what was in the bag, they took the baby out, unwrapped it, brushed the baby off, and then handed the child over to police and paramedics. >> the baby was taken to a hospital. authorities are saying the baby is in stable condition. and it was treated at the hospital and it will remain there for just a little bit. they expect the baby to be okay. >> that could be one of the most heartbreaking things i've seen
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now, this 12-year-old girl is where she shouldn't be. but the reaction was a little out of touch. >> [ bleep ]. >> did you hear him swearing at the 12-year-old? the second thing he says is, pedestrians out of the way, this is a bridge just for bikes. >> [ bleep ]! >> he walloped that girl in the side of her head. >> that's crazy. >> don't go putting your hands on some kids. >> her mother says she doesn't want to press charges. she says her daughter wasn't hurt. she was just rather surprised. the mom says she does want this man to have a talking-to, because you can't hit kids like that. >> if it's a vehicle-specific bridge, you can see the markings on it. walking down the middle of the road. would she still be blaming the guy? >> the mom says my daughter was in the wrong area. if he had just yelled at her, but he hit her. that was the problem her mom had with it.
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>> i'm going to have to first apologize to my niece. this is a competition in china called sky ladder. what we're seeing here is a camera's point of view from alex. >> what? >> that looks like it would break every bone in my body! look out! >> this is an enormous drop all the way down the stairs here. i just don't get how you even begin to train. alex said this is the favorite part of the sky ladder competition. he said it was tremendously scary to start off right here on those rungs that he hopped down to. >> it's like falling with style. >> how old is alex? >> in his 20s. i'm going to go out on a limb and say that. when he hits like 30, 40, he's going to feel it. >> recording a couple of different videos from his point of view, using one of those
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mounts for the go-pro. put your action camera on there and bite down on it. >> he needs a brace, to protect his mouth in case he falls. >> you can hear him huffing and puffing. now, for the big slide. >> the easiest part of the stunt. >> a little bit of a break there. but not much. ooh! fireman fall! >> this looks like a lot of fun, i have to be honest. >> it does look like a ton of fun. but it also looks terrifying. if you goof up here, where is your bailout? these guys aren't wearing helmets or elbow guards or anything. i know i sound like a parent here, but that's a big fall. >> worst case scenario, you'll just slinky down the stairs. >> these are iconic stairs, a mountain attraction in china. i firmly believe in my heart of hearts that in about five years from now, everybody at the table, everybody watching at home will remember this was the
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very first time they saw ali sherlock. ♪ >> this video of her on the streets of dublin in ireland has already racked up close to a million views. but, you know, doing it better. ♪ >> she is good! >> i've got goose bumps all over again, man. she's 12 years old but she's going to be a star. guess what she's singing in the next video?
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adele. ♪ >> she knows how to evoke emotion in her voice and just blend it with the guitar. like, this is next level stuff. >> another video was the first song she ever wrote. that's where i got the major goose bumps. ♪ >> ali sherlock, you heard it here first. but i'll let her play us off. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> i used to say when you do wrong, you get what you get. this dude here in south africa, got what he got.
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riding along in his car when he started recording, because the truck driver in front of him has a little guest. >> i'm going to make an assumption this guy tried to grab something out of the truck when it was stopped, or tried to jack the truck. >> i didn't even think of that. i just thought he was hitching a ride. >> this guy tried to swipe some tools. the truck driver spotted him and took off. >> i hope he's driving straight toward the police station. >> a wide open field where he has nowhere to go. >> right through the car wash. >> that's a great idea. >> on a more serious note, we move over to england. notice this woman, she walks up, she's dressed as a courier, and she looks like what she has as a package in her hand. she rings the door bell. she is no courier, is she. >> nope. but the guy who's about to answer the door doesn't know that. he's a 69-year-old. she pulled out a pen and asked
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him to sign some documents. as they're interacting, another man walks up, snatches the door and charges into the man's home. they hit him over the head, used tape to bind his mouth, hands and legs. we're not done, because you'll notice a second man who happens to be that man's brother. >> there's nothing that poor guy could have done. >> the second man goes into the house and helps his brother continue to assault this man. we don't see it, but a third man entered and they stole money and jewelry. >> in broad daylight. you're in your home. you're not expecting this. >> this went down in february of 2016. they did get away but they were all arrested in the following weeks. they were sentenced to a combined 24 years in prison. the woman who happens to be one of the men's wives, will be sentenced later. the guy was so vulnerable in this moment. a base jumper is in trouble. once the parachute deploys you can see a quick kosover of the ricers. find out how this flight ends. >> oh, no. >> plus, a couple inspired to
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>> hey! >> whoa! >> oh, no. may day! >> oh. >> yea? more like, ouch? >> i think when he hit that building, he was able to kick himself away from it. it wasn't like he went, boom! >> sorry. >> it's a pretty tall tower but it doesn't leave you a long time to fix an incident like this. fu you take with how the parachute deploys, gets crossed up. he corrects it. that sends him right into the edge of that building, bounces off of it, hits the bushes below. >> yoo-hoo! >> didn't hurt that much. >> yoo-hoo! >> let's head to the jewelry store in san francisco, where we are about to embark on a pretty cool adventure. >> of course i want to go to the jewelry store.
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what are we getting? >> wedding rings, as a matter of fact. matching wedding rings. adam and his girlfriend headed to the store. all the way to the final product they say they were inspired by the "lord of the rings" character. i'm going to say this wrong. >> i believe that was the el of that actually forged the rings. >> what's the bleeping that they're using? >> it is wax. they're going to make the mockup of their rings using that. then they create the cast. then they pour the actual metal. >> cool! >> they're going to go with white gold. eventually they'll have their rings. >> do they know how to do this, or is this just a class they went and took and this is their first foray into jewelry making? >> it looks like this is a place you can go and create your own amazing little unique pieces. >> wow. >> and they will guide you through the process from beginning to end. all the way from creating the cast, the mold, to pouring the metal.
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they're now about to start polishing it and showing us that very cute little design. it's very simple. but watch what happens when they put it together. >> how cute is that. >> what a sweet thing to do for your precious. >> right? >> one ring to love them all. >> here is the final product. in their cute little boxes. eventually they'll pop them out. when they say "i do." >> one of my favorite artists here on "right this minute," but first, a message from her. >> i want to make an actual video just for you. if you have any questions, or something you want to hear from me -- >> she has a youtube page. >> i wasn't expecting -- she can do whatever she wants. if she can make nick disappear, we'd be grateful.
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we'd pay. >> here she is. but what's she going to be? >> anything. that's the thing. she can be literally anything. >> i'm still wondering, where is she going with that? then she starts painting in the black face. then you realize, hey, her neck has disappeared. and then her head. >> whoa! this woman is amazing. >> this is crazy. >> but it's crazy good. look at it. it looks like she'sic a bod crane's sister. >> a real mom does the mambo brag. >> find out what the mumble brag is all about. >> your kids are so cute. they're just darling. >> they look like their father. whoever that is. >> whoa!
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outfit. >> that's because i had the flu last week. i lost six pounds because i was drunk. >> yeah. >> the side of the mouth finished the sentence thing. jen and christian are from the youtube channel and they're funny. >> your kids are so cute. they're just darling. >> they look like their father. >> whoever that is. >> whoa! . >> now, once you have the mumble brag down pat, you can add the next level. >> then there's the mimosa brag which is more of a confessional. you can say whatever you need to say inside that glass that will never leave. you can't report it if you hear it. >> my kids are such good eaters. >> when they come to chicken nuggets, and that's it. >> the other one can't even keep a straight face because we know it's true. >> right. >> this is therapy for parents. you get together and you have these situations. the kids are all running around not paying attention, and you
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just get it all out there. it's hard, man. parenting is hard. >> the mimosa bragging is the lower the mimosa in the cup grows, the lower they brag in the glass. >> my kids are such good eaters. >> doesn't look very ethnic to me. >> you weren't married yet, so nobody says it until after you said it. >> back and forth. but it's okay. because they've got drinks and they're not fighting. >> my kid is so adventurous. >> he's going to be in prison by the time he's 18. >> these two are super funny. i suggest you go and watch the entire thing. or use our mobile app. >> an intense 18 months for the guys as they were fighting to get this ready for the bay area. oh, it just looks so good and
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patriotic and gigantic and robotic. they're gooding to blow off some steam. >> we can pretend like we're doing a hot video. and then just like pick it up and drop it. >> just drop it off a crane? that's a stupid idea. so matt had this idea. >> here, we have a 10-foot 500-pound steel knife. we're going to be dropping it from the crane from 40 feet in the air. >> cool. >> onto a cup. because why not. of course, why not. the entire mega bot business plan was right up. >> i hope everybody passed geometry. >> three, two, one! go! oh [ bleep ]! >> yes! that was satisfying. >> go! >> it's gone all the way through
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the car and banged into the ground and left its mark. if you're going to blow off some steam, i guess do it this way. >> that's as good as i could have hoped. it turns out this was one of the greatest ideas we have ever had at mega bots. >> they're on the road and mommy has a surprise for the kiddos. find out what's in the bag. >> aw! have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source. at ikea, we believe that everything you need
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>> let me give you a little hint. look inside that bag. >> and then mom has a bag. >> disney world? >> we're going to disney world! yea! >> i'm so happy i think i'm going to cry. >> oh! >> he's so excited he could cry. >> mason figured that out pretty quick. what was in there? >> the headband. >> you should have told me. i have my mickey hat at my desk. shall i go get it? >> yeah, grab mine, too, it matches my shirt. >> be right back. >> ow! mason's pretty excited, too. >> you're going to see mickey mouse. oh, baby. >> that's the reaction you want, man. >> you notice here they did everything that you're supposed to do. once you get to disney world they took in some shows, rode some rides, had a great old time playing in the pool.
12:29 pm
>> i would rather be there so much right now. >> josh is about to get a really big surprise also. >> inside the backpack are several bags and other clues. the first one -- >> there's food in this one. >> good guess. we're going on a road trip. >> the next bag is a toothbrush. >> a toothbrush. >> why would you need a toothbrush? we're not going home. keep opening. >> yep, those are envelopes. >> o my gosh! >> what is it? >> oh. you're excited. >> oh! >> i've got daddy goose bumps.
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